Locker Locker Locker

Melinda chose not to do the online schooling

due to the faced that this is the year she gets to have a locker. Today, the first day of sixth grade, and her locker is the most important thing to talk about when she gets home. She is already asking if she can get a couple of things to put in her locker like shelves and a white board. It is the little things in life!!!!!!

What is your stand on going to the bathroom?

Will you let our daughter use the restroom when she needs to??

How sad that this is the first question Panayota felt she had to ask the teacher was, are you going to tell our child she can not go to the restroom when she needs to.  This teacher said she could go when ever she needed (as long as it wasn’t 80 times a day). This seems to be such a ridiculous thing to be concerned about but the last two teachers would not let her go when she asked. Melinda’s fifth grade teacher told her she needed to plan better. She dint ask everyday or even once a week – just once during the year and she was made to feel that this was some terrible thing. She was very obviously not doing this to get out of class to cause trouble yet that is the attitude the teacher had. At any rate, that is one little thing that should not be a problem this year. It is seldom difficult to keep Melinda on task when it comes to her school work, so we are not too worried about that.

 This is Melinda the night before the 1st day of school. 

get some sleep

high numbers

Panayota’s number were a little high this morning as she slept in until 9:00am (116) it seems when she sleeps in her number start to rebound a little bit. She also confessed she had a bite of ice-cream last night which does not help. It truly isn’t fair that she has to watch the family eat the sweet stuff when she can not

Type 1 (1.5) diabetic honeymoon – what the heck?

 I know that all my blood test results are glowing.  I also know that my blood sugar level in January was higher than suppose to.  I know that the first A1C was 6.6 and the second was 6.0.  I researched to find a term “honeymoon period”.  I found on most sites that it is

The honeymoon phase refers to the period of time shortly after the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes during which there is some restoration of insulin production by the pancreas.  This is only a temporary situation and not an indication diabetes is either improving, in remission, or cured.  

When insulin is injected, the pancreas may get a small “break” from having to produce insulin.  This rest period may then stimulate the remaining beta cells to being to produce insulin. These remaining beta cells, however, will also eventually be destroyed and this temporary “honeymoon” period will revert back to a state of absolute insulin deficiency (no insulin production by the pancreas). (quote from

I did not have an injection of insulin.  I did not have a cold or recollection of a virus. Okay last September I did have some type of skin rash but…  I just had a regular annual check up at the doctors.  My A1C dropped with diet and exercise.  I look on facebook LADA site and find a bunch of Type 1.5 people.  I cannot relate since I do not take anything.  I researched and found another site for diabetics –  Again reference to honeymoon period, meds and insulin.  Am I a freak in the diabetic realm?  If I don’t eat the crap food – processed, sugar, not good for anyone but we all grew up and love it food – my blood sugar levels are where they are suppose to be.  I can only say “What the heck?”  Tomorrow I am getting my A1C checked again.

What to do next???

 Another rough day at school for Alex.

 Its bad enough that he is struggling with his school work but now he is having serious social problems. Much like myself at his age, he is just not one of the popular kids. He is feeling completely alone and there is not a lot I can do for him in this area. Add to that the extra hormones that 14 year old kids have to deal with and you have some very interesting mood swings.

After his walk about last month where he just ran away because he did not want to go back to school. Yes its true he took off with absolutely no plan. We had the whole neighborhood looking and as night fell I tried hard not to panic. Pattie ran in to a sheriff and told him about it. The sheriff was nice about it and said he would check out the mall. I doubted that he would be there, I knew it was more likely he was headed to the mountains and it was getting cold. So I took off to Bear Creek to see if I could find him. About that time I got a call that someone found him at the “Fort” restaurant. They were nice enough to feed him (a meal that I could not have afforded). When we got there a large officer was sitting with him and talking about alternatives to running away. I try not to worry every time he is not home but there is always that little voice now.

Last week he got into a fight with his sister and left a note for us that he had gone to the lake to do his home work – I left to make sure. To his credit that is what he had done.

But with his never ending troubles at school I am contemplating trying to school him at home through one of those online schools. He has a friend in the neighborhood that is home schooled and done by noon so Alex would have a good goal to finish by noon. Even Melinda is thinking about trying it.

After tonight I am surprised that she would want to work with me because she cries almost every time I try to help her. Tonight is no exception I helped her with her math and she started crying. I don’t think I am being mean but she must feel differently. At any rate we will see what this next year brings. Change is good – right?