Our Family

Sking at Loveland

What is this website about??? 

Lets start with – who are we??  

That is what this site is about, more or less.  Here is a little history about our selves – The Good, The Bad and even the ugly.   Are we doing OK as parents?   And how much therapy will our children need because of us?  How we try to raise our children with morals, ethics, and rules that we believe are important while they play with children that are being raised with a different set of morals, ethics, and rules.   IT IS ASHAME THAT EVERY ONE DOESN’T REALIZE THAT OUR SET OF RULES IS THE ONLY RIGHT ONES – THAT WOULD MAKE THINGS SO MUCH SIMPLER.  Yes we do read articles by so called experts about how to raise our children but for the most part we just stumble through it on our own.   

Let’s start with myself.  I was born in cold Rochester Minnesota though I was raised in a Denver suburb. I then went to a number of schools in the Denver region. I went to Columbine High School and graduated from their long ago.  A long time before the name Columbine became synonymous with tragedy.   

I was about eight when I received my first skiing lessons at Keystone (Christmas presents for the family) I was hooked. As a matter of fact, shortly after high school I got a job at Keystone both to escape family and to become a ski bum. Then I came back to the flat lands and started A REEEEAl Job working for Jones Intercable.  A couple of years later I was dumped by the love of my life. I became a complete idiot and among other stupid things I quit my job. No I did not change jobs – I just quit. Eventually I would end up back in the mountains. I stayed for a while with my best friend Tod in old Snowmass while trying to get a job. Then I moved to the Holiday Inn in Frisco. I worked for the restaurant there and lived there for the rest of the winter.  Not a bad life. 

Moving back to Denver, I tried many jobs, one of which is where I met my wife. No we did not meet on the INTERNET.  Did they have the INTERNET back then.  At any rate we met the old fashion way – at a bar.   Panayota and I lived together in sin for about 6 years before we finally married..   We will talk more about that later. 

 After a few jobs I worked for an electronics company called EICON, and actually worked there for a few years. Than decided to start my own business. A Portrait photography business and that is what we have been doing for about 10 years.  Not sure if I care for the business side but I love my clients and love studying different techniques of lighting.   I never stop trying to come up with different ways to light my clients many of whom have become friends.  I have seen their families grow up with mine. 

During all this Panayota and I managed to have a couple of wonderful children (wonderful most the time).  We managed to have a couple dogs and now a couple more.  We have had fish, turtles and snakes even Rollie-pollie‘s.  No cats.  Well Melinda does have a cat that needs batteries. Most of this web we will talk about the kids.  As many questions as the kids seem to have I end up with even more.   Is that normal?

Panayota is a native. She was born and raised in Denver Colorado, graduated from Kennedy High school then got her degree from Metro State College.  She did not get into skiing until after we had been together a few years. At first she would go with me and stay in the lodge and study while I skied. (I will get here to fill in some of this info.) 

 Why yota1? Yota is short for Panayota so that is what we were going for but some one already had that name so we went with yota1. We hope to poke fun at ourselves and others while answering some of the many questions that arise in life.  These questions will be about our lives, questions about other peoples lives.  Questions, like when do we have THE TALK? My kids are getting to that age and I am not ready.  Panayota and myself, (have been together for twenty some odd years and have had several questions asked about why we do or don’t do just about everything we do (or don’t do).  Our answers will probably offend some people.  It seems difficult to say anything these days without someone being offended.  

Also when the relatives ask what we have been up to, we can always say read our website.

Have patience with my writing skills as I barely got out of high school. Panayota however graduated with an English degree so if she makes any mistakes let me know so I can harass her. This should be fun. We will try to be on-line daily with a QUESTION OF THE DAY. Could be a question someone asked us or more likely one we have. Question’s about family, kids, spouses, dogs, turtles, snakes,. Questions about Dr’s., surgeries, female things, male thing,. Questions about schools, learning, school buses and bus stops. Yota (Pattie) and we will both be adding stuff. So have fun laughing with us (or at us). 

 We are in the middle of changing schools and hoping for some serious improvement.  We will no doubt be talking about that a lot.