Pattie and myself seem to have some kind of cold.

Melinda had it first with a headache, running nose and sore throat but no cough. We of course thought it was just allergies brought on by the smoke from the California fires. It seemed a bit odd that Melinda was bothered more than Alex but about a week later Alex started in with a cough. He goes through times where he coughs a lot because he does have allergies so this did not seem out of the ordinary. But this week Pattie and I became sick. Its not allergies. NO IT IS NOT THE SWINE FLU!!!! At any rate we feel a little guilty about not taking the kids more serious when they said they didn’t feel good. However, Alex the toughest of all of us just kept playing on the trampoline and running around like nothing was wrong. He would have to stop to have a few minutes of coughing but then he would start playing again. Believing Melinda is the one that started this, it is a bit surprising that she became sick over the weekend and has a cough this time.

Deciding to let Melinda stay home Monday I called the school to let them know, I got an interesting phone message. The school attendance line had a pre-recorded message that asked that any student showing flu symptoms should stay home for at least 7days and after there are no more signs of flue we should keep our child home for another 24hours. I realize that everyone seems worried about the swine flu but if we kept our kids home every time they had some slight fever or a cough they would never be in school. And from what I am hearing a lot of the children in class are coughing off and on all day long.

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