Adventure Day

We started the day at Elitches.

We did not have much time as I had clients in the afternoon that needed attention but Pattie and I both got some work done first thing in the morning so we thought we could get some RELAXATION in.  Relaxation is not exactly what happened.  After dealing with heavy traffic and a line of cars to get in to the parking lot, we made our way to the swimming area to find no room at the inn.  All of the chairs had been snatched up before we got there.  I agreed to go with Alex to ride one of the roller coasters – “The Mind Eraser” – not exactly a relaxing ride.  After standing in line (for ½ hr) to have our mind’s erased it was our turn to be swung around upside down and sideways all over the place.  Getting off of our mind erasing, body numbing ride I realized that I had lost my waterproof case that was tied on my neck.

The water proof case

To hold all of our valuable things so that they won’t get wet or lost or stolen, – or lost , or lost — I’ve lost it!!!! No big deal, it only had the season passes for the family. Oh , and my license and one of my charge cards. Oh, and Pattie had given me her driver’s license and her charge card and her cash. Oh and I had, for the first time, put my phone in it. Great now what?  Maybe we could call the phone. Of course my phone is not that loud and the park is loud!!! After getting in touch with a supervisor it was explained that part of the problem was that it could end up on a roof or in a tree or bush so this could take some time.  And no one is allowed to go into these areas while the roller coaster is moving – so it would have to be shut down.  Great I am going to be a rather unpopular person while they look for my lost pack.  Really this is not the norm for me.  Pattie was told they would shut down the coaster at 12:00 and start looking.  I kept looking through the fencing as much as I could trying to see anything that might resemble my stuff.  I seen a lot of hats and a few sunglasses but nothing of mine. Then there it was behind two fences, the yellow top of the water proof case.  Incredible.  I will not have to cancel the charge cards, we will not have to wait in line to get new drivers licenses. The supervisor was excited as well. They would still have to shut down the ride but, only long enough to retrieve my belongings – not for the lengthy amount of time to do a full out search of the area that they were expecting.

After retrieving my case

We decided to take at least a little time to calm down by floating down what is called the lazy river. Melinda enjoyed pushing us into the waterfalls. We also went up the steps to come down one of the water slides. Melinda has been doing well at trying new things.

Friday night was our family adventure race.

Our second year of participating in this fun event.  Alex teamed up with me and Melinda with Pattie.  A three legged race to get to the boats (canoes, or a paddle boat).  Alex had not tied our legs together very well so the knot came undone and the rubber tie snapped us.  We tried to re-tie it while running and not getting run over by the other teams.  We managed to get a canoe and get a good start in the water. With only a couple of boats in front of us we felt good with our placement as we got out for the transition to our bikes. Pattie and Melinda did not get to a boat so ended up running to the bike transitions area and got there just before us. I had to get my bike shoes on so it took just a minute longer to get on my bike than I would have liked. But once on the bikes Alex and I were on our way. Alex choose to take the Adult bike course instead of the shorter one for the kids. It was a couple of miles longer but it was fun. Once we made it back to the transition area, the bike shoes came off and running shoes took there place. I could make Alex work on his bike to keep up with me but my running was not up to his standards. He tried to be patient with me but my gut was in the way of my running and I slowed him down. Alex has decided to dump me as a partner for next year in favor of mom.  I told him I will get in shape and leave him in the dust next year – he is not worried and says he is looking forward to the challenge.  He is only 12 and already he is not afraid of me!!!! I must get in shape for next year.

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