Last Sunday -A Day of rest?

It started like any other lazy Sunday

 but last week Pattie noticed some standing water in the kitchen sink. Why do they call it STANDING water? Why not SITTING water? Or LAYING water? Or even KNEELING water? Or some such thing? no matter!!!! At any rate the water was not draining and it was a Sunday – not wanting to know what a plumber charges on a Sunday I decided I could take care of it myself. It cant be that big of a deal? Can it? Yea right!!! It was a great reminder as to why plumbers charge so much. It seemed so simple – just snake out the clog. Yea right!!! Five hours later, a completely redesigned drainage system under the sink, a rental unit to snake out the drain in the basement, a borrowed wet dry vac (this was the weekend we loaned out our own) And presto everything is great -yea right.

Still have a leak under the slink (the garbage disposal)- I will get to it. Yea.     After a long shower I did feel a sense of accomplishment but I cant wait until I have my millions so I can just hire some one else to take care of this kind of thing. Than I will really have a sense of accomplishment.

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