Startting Summer

A very eventful weekend (Last week) – Saturday was the first swim meet of the year. Alex won one of his races with ease (evidently). I had clients and was not able to watch most of the days events but was able to see the last couple of races.  That parent guilt – I know I can not possibly make it to everything but I try to make it to most of their events. Yota  (Pattie) and grandma Judy were both able to be their. Both Alex and Melinda ended the morning with a relay race. These last races went well and put Melinda in a better mood as she was upset about not doing as well as she thought she should in an earlier race. The ups and downs of competing.
Sunday morning we made it to Elitch’s (before the afternoon rain’s) and Melinda took her first ride on a roller coaster. She was not too sure about it and I had to encourage her strongly to give it a try. I told her that if I screamed she was not to tell anyone but I doubt that she knew if I screamed or not. Melinda spent most of the ride looking at the floor of the car but afterwards having lived through it she seemed happy to have made it through this mile stone. We will see if she will trust that she can live through it again because I plan on getting her on the ride again. We also tried a couple of water rides. Once I got home I realized that I had lost my keys (most likely in the water). Not the end of the world but it puts a damper on the lecture’s I give the kids about being responsible and not loosing their key’s.

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