Schools out for summer

The Last Day

The excitement has been growing for the last day of school, can’t wait, can’t think of anything else!!!! Now that day has arrived, do we have to go home?- DAD I am bored, what can we do?  Give us something to do.  Come on dad!!!



 I like the idea.

They both had a good last day.  Melinda’s class went swimming and Alex’s class went to an indoor amusement center of sorts. 

Alex’s class had a continuation ceremony – celebrating the end of elementary school and the beginning of middle school.  He was presented with a couple of awards and he seemed proud that he was continuing on to middle school.  He was acting goofy during the ceremony but I noticed all of his classmates were acting the same way.  We decided to let them have their fun for the night.

Melinda is excited about being out for the summer but she has made a lot of good friends as she is not nearly as shy as she once was. Her friends are just as dramatic as she is and they all seem to have fun exaggerating everything they can. I enjoyed seeing how much fun she had with the other kids.


While they are both excited about being out of school I am not sure that I am prepared to have them home wanting to be entertained – so I will be making up a list of chores for them.  A list they will no doubt ignore, but it will make me feel very fatherly to present it to them in honor of their summer vacation.

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