The prayers didn’t work!!

I have been almost avoiding writing in here.  Last week we were watching Joel Osteen and he was talking about living a blessed life and how we need to pray for a better life.  At one point he said to pray for your loved ones that are sick and they will get better.  Melinda very quickly said: “That is not true!! We prayed for grandpa to get better and he didn’t.”   She did not say this with any real anger but with more of a “matter of fact” attitude. I tried to tell her that we were blessed to have had him in our lives but she was not going to let go of the fact that she prayed for him to get better and he didn’t.  So I spent a little time trying to explain to her (and myself) that it is still better to keep in our hearts the wonderful times we had with grandpa and the great memories he gave us to keep forever.   Today is his birthday and Melinda wants to do something to honor grandpa and thought I am not exactly sure what we will do, we will find a way to offer thanks for those treasured (all too sort) moments spent with grandpa. 

We are slowly finding our way back to the business of day-to-day life, but maybe with a little more appreciation for the loved ones in our lives.  We try a little harder to get in that hug goodbye in the morning before everyone is off for the day.  We also remember to call other loved ones a little more frequently.  


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