Cold skiing – Melinda concerns for dad.

A day of skiing at winter park on this Cold and windy day was trying yet good for mental health.  Pattie was not able to make this trip (due to the new job) but she would not have liked the cold and wind and cold.  Did I mention it was cold and windy.   The kids got a day off of school – yea.  They had to do home work when they got home – Boo.  It was a trip with the recreational center, and my first time on a ski bus. Of course it was full of children but it was still a fun experience.  Melinda was talking openly about loosing grandpa to a friend of hers and asked me a couple of times to explain (as best I could) what happened.  She seems to be dealing with it ok though she has developed a little extra concern for me.  As cold as it was and as cold as she was she kept asking me if I was ok.  On the way home Melinda wanted to sit with her friend but got her to move so she could be behind me.  She would reach up every once in awhile and hug my neck and give me a kiss on the cheek.  She saw me rubbing my head and asked if I was ok and if she needed to get some water for me.  Tonight every little stumble I make, she has to check on me to make sure I’m ok.  She has always been thoughtful but her concern for my well-being has defiantly become more important. 

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