Do you think he could be a brain surgeon????

Why did I not ask this simple question??  

We took both kids to a interview of sorts with the principle of the charter school that they will be going to next year.  One of the many reasons for changing schools is an attitude of “no can do” from the very people that should be pushing our children forward and up.  During a conversation with one of Alex’s special ed teachers she made the comment that her child had been in  special ed and though he would never be a brain surgeon he would be OK.   HOW SAD!!!!!  And this is the person that is teaching my child – teaching what is possible?!!! 

It does not matter what administration Republican or Democrat.  It does not matter how much money you throw at the class room. It does not matter how much a teachers salary is. It does not matter how well educated the parents are. If the teacher does not believe that their student can become a brain surgeon than they will not be effective at teaching. And they will ultimately kill the child’s drive. When Parents start believing that these teachers are the experts and must be correct, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

I can’t believe we put up with this as long as we have.  How many studies show that higher expectation of a student increases how much they learn.  I do not know if Alex or Melinda will want to be a brain surgeon or rocket scientist or something else.  But they should both know that if they want – they can do it anything.  During the talk with the new principle I did not ask this crucial question : “do you think they could be brain surgeons?” I wish I would have –  But from the rest of our conversation he seemed to have the attitude that the kids could accomplish whatever they put their minds to. 

We talked about the possibility of holding Alex back one grade to help get him caught up.  Whenever I brought this up with the other school I was shot down immediately.  It will not help!!! I foolishly kept quite! 

I do worry I missed a great window of opportunity. One of the reasons I was thinking of holding Alex back was that his third grade teacher had actually made progress with him that know one else has been able to make. Holding him back so he could get another year with her would have been very beneficial. But we didn’t. His special ed teacher said it would not help. I keep hearing about these studies showing that it hurts them to hold them back. Studies showing that there is a rise in the drop out rate of children that are held back. I had one retired teacher tell me that it was 80% higher. I don’t know where she got that number from because I have not found any study showing anywhere near those numbers. Besides the question is, did they drop out because they were held back or did they drop out for other reasons. In other words would the children that dropped out have dropped out even if they weren’t held back. Even the people that conducted the study (that I found) suggested that that could be the case. Bu the schools – many of the teaches – are using this study as an excuse to just push every child through. They say it would hurt my Child’s self esteem to hold him back.  What do they think it does to his self esteem to have his classmates reading better than him?????? I can not find a study showing that pushing a child through school when they should of been held back has a greater chance of successes. My best friend just informed me that he was held back in 7th grade and he went from D’s to A’s  (how great was that for his self esteem) and he went on to earn his doctorate. So being held back  did not seem to hurt him.

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  1. These are more reasons why we homeschool. 🙂

  2. Home schooling is still on the table for our kids but for now I am cautiously optimistic about the change in schools.

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