Yesterday, Melinda turned nine years old – She said it was the best yet, at least for her. Our children do not need any thing – yet I find myself worrying that if we do not make certain days special and memorable that some how we are failures as parents.  It seems a silly self inflected guilt yet it also seems fairly universal.  At any rate, Melinda had a great couple of days.  We skied a few runs Saturday morning (it was freezing cold) before coming home and having one of Melinda’s friends dropped off.   Her pest of a brother was picked up to spend a fun night at his friend’s house.  Pattie and I took the girls out to dinner and we think they may have actually got to sleep by about 11:00 pm.    In the morning, Kalian and Brendan were dropped off so they could go to the movies with the girls and Melinda’s friend Brian.   At the theater another friend and grandpa Pat and grandma Judy joined them.  After the movie, it was home for pizza, cake, and presents.  And yes, Alex showed back up for the pizza and then he and Kalian and Brendan went to their house to play.  



Alex came home at one point and seeing a present bag on the kitchen counter he asked, “What is that? Is it for me?”  “I (with a look of puzzlement) asked; is it your birthday?”  He looked at me as if to say it is always my birthday and I should be getting something. They both seem to have more toys and things than they could possibly utilize in a lifetime of 24 hour a day play, yet it is not enough.


As for Melinda’s loot, she received more than enough, even though we had not gotten her anything to open, including money.   After everyone had gone Pattie took her shopping to spend some of the money that was burning a hole in the pocket of her new outfit.   When they finally came home I was asked, “Do you notice anything?”  Having some experience in dealing with this, trap door, question I smiled and said yes immediately hopping to stall for time.   It worked as Melinda turned her head I could see the new earrings.  Mom had let her get her ears pierced   This is a bit younger than I thought we had agreed upon but I was prepared for that possibility when they left as the subject had come up a few times during the day.   Melinda has been very pleased that mom let her do it and is feeling very grown-up. 

While at school, the first day with her new beautiful earrings. Melinda asked her friend Brian if he noticed anything different and he did not.  I picked them up after school and when I saw Brian he still had the look of terror and confusion on his face.  I have a healthy fear of the women in our house so I dare not help him – he will have to figure this out on his own.   I do not want to distroy the fact that for now Pattie and I are heroes for letting her have her ears pierced earlier than she thought – for that matter earlier than I thought.

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