So afraid to take the leap.

Dad slipped and decided to let her off the hook this time – but part of the reality of it all is that she does probably ski better than kids her age.  That means, kids her age would be in ski lessons while she is out with all the big kids.  She just needs to spend time with kids her age.  Who is this?  Not Panayota but Melinda.  After committing and being quite excited about skiing with the local recreation center next year, Melinda bailed out with big crocodile tears.  Are we actually holding her back from being all she can be?  Is she really shy?  What is being shy?  Oh, the tug of the heart when your child is crying saying, “No, I don’t want to do it.”  Who is really growing?  She can really ski the pants off people but I guess we will wait for her fears to subside.  Kind of reminds me of how she has not gone to one birthday party from all the invites at the new school.  She is too afraid to take a leap.  Hopefully, she will outgrow it.

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