Its Mom’s fault

The seemingly endless number of fears that pop up – how much sympathy? How much empathy? How much help? How much tough love? Melinda has at this time in her life a growing number of little phobias.   One that has become of particular annoyance is her fear of the bathroom – in our own house.  Evidently a spider was in our bathroom once upon a time and a young girl that has never before showing fear of bugs of any kind, including spiders, has been afraid of the bathroom ever sense.   Actually, Panayota says that her fear is because her brother scared her saying monsters are in the bathroom.  This fear becomes draining as we try to get her to brush her teeth and Melinda fights going into the bathroom to do this simple chore.  I tell her she must go and she tries to avoid it and tries to force mom to go with her.  Some how being ten feet away is not close enough.  For awhile Panayota indulged this needy act but recently has started to tell her she would be just fine by herself (time for a little tough love).   I am the parent that told her that she needed to brush her teeth but for some reason it is Panayota’s fault.  Melinda was upset about having to brush her teeth and it was Mom’s fault because she didn’t go with her.  What a lacking compassion person – I mean Mom.

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