The Great White Brick!!!

brick up high

This Brick comes from ancient Greece, has traveled across the 7 sea’s – It has been used to hold up the great pyramids and the great wall of china.  OK maybe not but it has been moved all over the country.  My Mother has been saving a couple of these marble bricks since before I was born.   Dan her husband didn’t hear that part in their wedding vows.  And you agree that across the boiling hot deserts through blizzards and over the hills from sea to shining sea you shall drag these bricks of marble.  Bet he pays more attention to what he agrees to now. 

 I have given my mother a rough time about the marble bricks for awhile, but now  I finally have a use for one of them.   It is a job not worthy of it’s heritage but a job nonetheless.  It has been snatched off its perch of prestige and is now used to hold up an air-conditioner.  Its true, it has fallen from grace, I wonder if the other marble bricks will shun it now.

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  1. I was given 6 white Marble Brick from my sweet, loving sister-in-law when they built there fireplace in Mn. when we were young adults. I have Painted and Varnished Boards that fit across these brick for book shelves for years. We moved a lot and they were handy when moving as you just had to put them in a box and they were ready to go. They were very attractive and easy to assemble. For some reason MEN don’t get it. All of the men in my life have made fun of my Marble Bricks and tried to get read of them. I have had to fight for years to keep them. I am down to four bricks, when I went over to Randall’s house and seen he had his air conditioner propped up with peanut butter jars, how tacky. So I generously offered to let him use a marble brick and he had to get smart about it. He said your kidding, you are going to let me use one of your white bricks. You can see for yourself how nicely it works under his air conditioner. I guess it is my fault for spoiling his so bad.

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