Is it just a waste of time


Pattie was asked to have Alex stay for an extended day to get his school work caught up. We were under the impression that this was for some extra help and it sounded like a good idea. Pattie had to make a second trip back to school to pick Alex up but it would have been worth it if he actually got some help. Unfortunately it seemed that he was in a classroom with distractions and little or no guidance for his extra hour and Pattie’s extra trip. He got absolutely nothing done as he and others watched one of the children play computer games. He could have come home with Melinda and worked on his homework in a room with distractions here and we could have given a little bit of guidance. I still question why we have our kids in school if the only purpose is to give them an assignment and let them do as they will – I can give them assignments. At this point, we have decided that this extra time after school will be better spent at home doing his school work.

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