It’s a matter of time.

No one seems to believe that we work.  Some how because we work at home our time is not important and we should just drop whatever we are doing whenever something comes up.  If we called them at work and tell them that we can’t deal with our kids, we have this thing or that thing going on now, so could we drop our kids off at their work.  There is no way that that would be acceptable, especially on a regular basis.  But for some reason SOME people believe that we should be able to drop everything at their whim because we work at home.  Actually this little challenge started a long time ago and years ago we learned to just say no.  But some how the calls continue and we are suppose to feel guilty every time we say no.  It is difficult because we both like to help when we can.  The challenge is when it slowly becomes a habit for us to do it (whatever it is) and before long IT takes up all our time and we can to get anything completed.  I think we need to get a job out of the house just so they believe we work.  Enough of that rant for now.  Everyone just remember that when you work at home – you are actually working and your time is valuable so – STOP the abuse of those who don’t work at home.

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