The bully is dad

It becomes frustrating as the kids try to do their homework while watching the television.  I know that is as much my fault as theirs because I will turn on the television for no real reason other than escape.  What ever is on I seem willing to put up with and watch or I will channel surf for an hour (good thing we don’t have cable).  At any rate Alex was allowed to mess around for awhile after coming home from school today and when it was finally time to do his school work the TV was on.  Melinda had been working on her school work for awhile and managed to get it completed.  Alex was not getting finished and was paying to much attention to the show (I should have turned it off).  He asked for help and I could have, should have calmly taken him to the other room and worked with him.  I chose to be frustrated about him watching the show and was quite mad for a few moments, mad that he was not getting the math that I thought he should know.   We worked through it and I think he understands it but I need to not be the bully at home.  He deals with that at school.

Alex brought home a report from his science class with great marks – he is coming along.

Melinda brought home a report about school behavioral and had great marks as well.  She was very proud of it.

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