“Gentle Ben”

Alex read to me last night (“Gentle Ben”).  He had a little difficulty do in part to the fact that the book was written using slang and shortened words more like people actually speak.  But this causes some confusion for Alex who is working so hard on learning the proper way to pronounce words with out mumbling.  We also have not read in a couple of day’s which has a negative affect on his reading.  He truly can not miss a day or he falls backward but if he reads everyday I can see the improvement.  So I must make sure to read every single day without fail. 


Melinda read to Pattie and than read a bit more after going to bed.  It is hard to get after her for not sleeping when she is reading or practicing her school work.  I always ask her if she could do that during the day when she is complaining about being board.  Her response is most often roiling her eyes and saying yea right dad.

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