Pattie is a pillow snob

It is true, I married a pillow snob.  When we go to bed and she lays down on the pillow she knows if she is on her pillow (or not).  If she doesn’t have her pillow she will take the one I am sleeping on (knock me to the floor) to see if it is hers.  She has one pillow for her head and one for under her knees and they can not be switched.  I will sometimes hide one of her pillows just to see her go crazy looking for it.  It is not long before she gives me that look of, your life is not as important as my pillow, and I giver her back her pillow.   DON’T MESS WITH PANAYOTA’S PILLOW!!!!   Grandma Judy got Pattie a new coat and a new pillow for her birthday so I will most likely get her old pillow. I think I will hide it tonight and see how long I can hold out. 

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