Another day off at school???

The kids had off today because of some kind of testing – again.  Why do they need to take a day off of school so they can take a test at school?  At any rate Pattie took the kids to school first thing in the morning to take their test then had to pick them up an hour later.  Grandpa Pat took them to lunch while we photographed a grand opening for a doctor office.  In the afternoon the kids went with Mr. Brian swimming with his kids. 


 In-between all of this Alex did some homework.  We have not been reading as much the last couple of days because he has been working on other school work.   Trying to keep him working and not get mad at him and keep him interested at least a little bit.  Trying to teach him to just do it as soon as he gets home (when I never did at his age) is exceedingly difficult.  I know he just sees no end to it so he tries to avoid it.  


 Melinda seems to like to work on her school work – at least a little bit.  After reading to Pattie she had me read to her while she took her shower.  She gets very excited to have me read to her. She likes to use her small white board to practice her school work or to just write notes.

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