After a long day of fighting  with the computer, and loosing, I needed a drink!!!!   The kids were home WITH FRIENDS and the noise level was increasing as they ran around the house in circles. I had a lot more that I wanted to get completed before dinner but my mind  had become too cluttered to think.  I stood in the kitchen contemplating that drink as four children ran past me screaming at each other.  Down the stairs they ran to the basement.  I should have told them not to run down the stairs because one of them could fall and than cry loudly but I was looking forward to their screeching being muffled by one level of the house.    Than a tug on my arm, can we have something to eat?????? NO WAIT FOR DINNER!!!  Melinda in an exceptionally loud voice yelled: come back up we can’t have anything to eat.  I reached for a bottle screwed from the fridge and took the top off, and thought who needs a glass?   I slowly tipped the bottle up and pressed it to my lips – just a small swig is all I needed but the yelling returned as the herd of wild children stampeded past me and smacking me.  So I finished the whole bottle and there was no more.   It was gone.   No more 7up!!!   It’s a good thing I don’t like alcohol!!!!

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