What is your stand on going to the bathroom?

Will you let our daughter use the restroom when she needs to??

How sad that this is the first question Panayota felt she had to ask the teacher was, are you going to tell our child she can not go to the restroom when she needs to.  This teacher said she could go when ever she needed (as long as it wasn’t 80 times a day). This seems to be such a ridiculous thing to be concerned about but the last two teachers would not let her go when she asked. Melinda’s fifth grade teacher told her she needed to plan better. She dint ask everyday or even once a week – just once during the year and she was made to feel that this was some terrible thing. She was very obviously not doing this to get out of class to cause trouble yet that is the attitude the teacher had. At any rate, that is one little thing that should not be a problem this year. It is seldom difficult to keep Melinda on task when it comes to her school work, so we are not too worried about that.

 This is Melinda the night before the 1st day of school. 

get some sleep

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