Type 1 (1.5) diabetic honeymoon – what the heck?

 I know that all my blood test results are glowing.  I also know that my blood sugar level in January was higher than suppose to.  I know that the first A1C was 6.6 and the second was 6.0.  I researched to find a term “honeymoon period”.  I found on most sites that it is

The honeymoon phase refers to the period of time shortly after the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes during which there is some restoration of insulin production by the pancreas.  This is only a temporary situation and not an indication diabetes is either improving, in remission, or cured.  

When insulin is injected, the pancreas may get a small “break” from having to produce insulin.  This rest period may then stimulate the remaining beta cells to being to produce insulin. These remaining beta cells, however, will also eventually be destroyed and this temporary “honeymoon” period will revert back to a state of absolute insulin deficiency (no insulin production by the pancreas). (quote from www.isletsofhope.com)

I did not have an injection of insulin.  I did not have a cold or recollection of a virus. Okay last September I did have some type of skin rash but…  I just had a regular annual check up at the doctors.  My A1C dropped with diet and exercise.  I look on facebook LADA site and find a bunch of Type 1.5 people.  I cannot relate since I do not take anything.  I researched and found another site for diabetics – www.tudiabetes.org.  Again reference to honeymoon period, meds and insulin.  Am I a freak in the diabetic realm?  If I don’t eat the crap food – processed, sugar, not good for anyone but we all grew up and love it food – my blood sugar levels are where they are suppose to be.  I can only say “What the heck?”  Tomorrow I am getting my A1C checked again.

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