Our first dance.

Melinda’s school put on a father daughter dance – I was not overly happy about this at first as I saw this as one more money making ploy by the school. However I decided to trade out my ski school teaching day for another so that my lovely daughter and I could go to the dance. It was an incredibly “magical” night. Melinda seemed very pleased with the evening and I could not have been more proud to be their with my little (growing up to fast) girl. We do not know how to dance, so like most everyone else we faked it. I only stepped on her toes once or twice. I even bought her the wrist corsage that they were selling at the school. Before I bought it she asked me if those were keepsakes and followed up by saying that she didn’t really want one. So I knew she wanted one. She wore it to bed!!! So yes I am very happy to say we went and it was a great evening out with my sweet Melinda.

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