Ski day

Today on the slopes Melinda had picked up her pace and had decided it was a good day to ski moguls. She also did a good job of making it down one of the expert runs with little difficulty. Though Pattie struggled a little, she made it down a couple of expert runs. Alex who always has a good time going down the expert runs completed a number of moguls runs. It is always fun to watch Alex ski, but today Alex felt the need to entertain us even more. Alex in his desire to show off his jumping skills caught a tip and did a couple cartwheels and tested his helmet by bouncing off his head a couple of times. The helm that most of worked OK because Alex did not seem much more dizzy than normal. It was without a doubt his best wiped out since he broke his ski four years ago. The whole family thanked him for the entertainment. I of course was a bit disappointed that Alex would not do a repeat performance so that I can capture it on film. He told me that I just need to videotape him all the time and eventually I will catch him falling again. He was a good sport and has been having fun telling everyone about his wiped out. What a great day away from school!!

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