Halloween with Death Eater Alex and Spider Woman Melinda –

It always seems as if I planned ahead for the costumes – so why the heck was I going from store to store on the 31st to get last minute costume items?  Well, the pants Alex was going to wear were too small.  Oh, he also did not have a black hooded jacket.  Melinda still did not have spider rings so that I could braid them into her hair… 

spooooky kids

Alex and Friend

Thank you Lord for no time change this year so the kids could actually trick-or-treat in the dark.  I prepped for the dark with several flash lights and promptly forgot them on the counter. 

scary girl

My cute little girl??

Okay costumes again – Alex needed me to paint his face and by the way his friends face too.  I had a plan with out any makeup brushes.  I was using my fingers trying to smear white and black paint hoping their faces resembled a skull.  I was told by my faithful death eater that it didn’t look like a skullL  His friend said thank you and no complaint from him.  Grandma Judy was great and brought over some special tooth paint which helped Alex’s look. 

Adding the makeup

Final touch

Melinda’s costume was not a problem-An easy find at the local second hand store for a dollar.  The spider rings were not only a pain to find at the store but not all that easy to braid into her hair.  I liked them.  I teased her hair and it promptly fell.  Grandma Judy came to the rescue and hair sprayed and teased Melinda’s hair.  The best part was the long black finger nails and dark lipstick Grandma brought over. 


We went out with Melinda and friends and trick-or-treated.  Alex was lucky in his book and trick-or-treated around the neighborhood with his friend.  I did get told by a neighbor that he had seen the two boys running around without shoes saying “Trick-or-Treat smell my feet, give me something good to eat.”  Randy says that some sayings never die. That’s my death eater. 

It is so nice that kids are now old enough to carve their own pumpkins and somehow kept all their fingers. 

Child carving pumpkin

Alex not cutting off his fingers

kids carving pumpkin

working together?

The house was decorated by the kids.  Melinda originally did not feel our house competed well with the neighbors but spider web works great.House decorated with spider webs

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