So both Alex and Melinda did incredibly well swimming in the swim-a-thon.  Alex swam 10 laps farther than he did last year and Melinda swam 30 laps more than last year.  Alex swam 2 miles in 2 hours and Melinda swam a mile in the same 2 hours.

alex swimming

alex putting in the last few laps

Melinda swimming

Melinda finishing strong

Melinda’s swimming has improved a great deal this year and she has been placing first or second in almost all of her competitions. Melinda has been training with the older kids this season and her confidence has improved greatly. Alex is obviously doing well again and is placing first in almost all of his races. The only one he has had trouble with is the butterfly stroke but I’m sure he will get it figured out in time. Both Alex and Melinda will be competing in the varsity all city meet and I’m sure they will both do very well.

Melinda butterfly

getting it done

melinda freestyle

showing off her freestyle

Alex swimming

working on that butterflystrong and ready for the race

Alex flaexing his muscle

Strong and ready for the race

 It is hard to believe that summer is almost over and school is about to begin.

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