computer dead in the water.

Alex was able to get on the internet

 to continue his second day of online schooling.  I on the other hand went to turn on my computer in order to prep my clients presentation and nothing – not a beep not a peep. The computer would not come on and the clients would be here in a couple of hours. I Had just enough time to go out buy and put in a new power supply. Once the computer was up I was able to prepare my clients images for viewing and they loved them. I, however have not been able to check on Alex’s school work -so that will be tomorrows job

First day of online school

Alex did his assignments

 but somehow we messed up on his live class. I tried to help but the class said it was over before we could get in. I know we were there at the correct time. Oh well, it was our first attempt – our next will be better. It looks like I will be working on the learning curve for a little while. School is never out no matter our age.

Melinda has a new green-whit board for her locker. That’s right a white board but its green. I don’t know what kind of notes she will write in her locker but she is happy to have it.


click to see the jump. I never get tired of watching.

 alex crash crash

Alex learns what goes up must come down

I find I treat Alex and Melinda differently when we ski. When Melinda falls I worry about her. When Alex falls I seem to enjoy making fun of him – Alex has a very good sense of humor about it and knows falling is part of skiing, and defiantly part of ski jumping. His last fall was spectacular, he went off a jump in the terrain park and he made sure to get speed to clear the flat under the jump – but he (perhaps) went farther than he was wanting to. I’m surprised he did not break his skis or worse yet his leg but he’s in good shape and I have been having fun showing everybody the video of his wipe-out

Baby sitting

Alex’s first official baby sitting job

A 6year old and an 3 year old – both boys it was very exciting for him. Pattie drove him to his first job and picked him up but he has some bragging rights getting the youngest to bed and to sleep. It is hard for us to realize that he is old enough to be the baby sitter and not the one that needs a baby sitter. Melinda is not far behind.

Frog Hunting

Alex the great hunter,

has decided it was time to go after new prey. Today he is working on catching the well hidden toed. I do believe, from the size of his net that he is hoping for a very large one.

Alex with net

Alex frog hunting

I forget that he, though having caught many a snake, has not caught much in the way of frogs. I spent many a summer on Lake Minnewawa in Minnesota (at my grandparents house) catching frogs and toads galore. Colorado, lacking in water, does not have a large supply of frogs. So for Alex catching frogs and toads is a bit of a treat, even if they are extremely small.


The big? catch