Veterans day

Veterans day went well (I Think) at the school. Sounds like some kids were a bit snotty about having vets at school. Of all the silly social crap that gets shoved into kids these days I would have thought that respect for our veterans would be important enough that the kids would all act appropriately.   At any rate, it was great that the school had Veterans stop into the classes. Alex had Grandpa Dan stop by. I think Alex was proud to have his grandfather stop in class. Dan was the only world war two veteran. Dan seemed to enjoy meeting some of the other veteran that had been in different wars. I think it was good for everyone to spend a little time hearing from them and hearing how important it is to serve our country.


Letting the kids make decisions for themselves

 is a learning experience for us (the parents.)

Due to a rained out baseball game Alex “s team had a make up game Saturday. Saturday is when Alex and Melinda have their swim meets. Alex does not need to improve his times to qualify for the varsity swim meet but we thought he would want to beet some of his own time’s. Alex also knows and gets along with the kids on the swim teem better than the baseball team. We were hoping (kind of) that he would want to go tot the swim meet. But he decided to go to the base ball game, a little surprising. This was also a bit inconvenient for us as now we would have to split up and go to two different places. Selfish on our part but we actually get to talk to each other during the swim meets – a rare thing these days. We also like bragging about how well he does with his swimming. It was not easy but we resisted the temptation to tell him to go o his swim meet. Putting our selfishness aside we let him decide and baseball was the choice.

His teem is struggling to under stand tactics of the game and most of the kids need a lot more practice on the basics (including Alex) but this is one of the reasons he wanted to do baseball. I would like to see him be a little more assertive and less timed around his team mates so this is probably a good thing for him. As far as the game went – they lost. Alex made it to home plate twice but did not get the score. His first time didn’t count because the other teem got out the batter (third out) than he was tagged out on the last run. He thinks he made it but who could say for sure as the dust hid what happened. I told him to try to be happy with just getting on base and into the game as many of the players did not. I know it is difficult for him to play a game that takes time and is not always moving, but he is hanging in their.

More decisions for Alex during the game.  

 Do I swing or not?   The other teems pitcher was good but had trouble adjusting to Alex’s left hand swing so he walked Alex twice. Alex wanted desperately to swing but knew to let them go by. 


Do I steal or not?

Go for it and third was his.  


Off to home!!!   Should have been a run.  next game it will be. 

 some good out-fielding!!

I am happy that we let him go to the baseball game!!!



Melinda did well at the swim meet but hit her head on the wall during her backstroke. She said she counted the strokes during warm up but when she counted them during the race she was off by one. She did place (she thinks) even with the head bumping. Next Saturday I should be their to watch her race.  I feel a little guilty not being at her race but I make it to most and I have not yet figured out how to be in two places at one time.  

Losing Territory!!

Dad why have the girls taken over the bathroom?
You better get used to it. After a hard but enjoyable evening class of gymnastics – Melinda and a friend decided to make dozens of little braids on each others head. This braiding of the hair ceremony took well over an hour. The whole time Alex pondered their need to do this and their need to be in the bathroom the whole time. At some point he finally asked me why?? Why?? Are they still in there? Why have they taken over the bathroom? He truly was confused and all I could tell him was that this was something he would have to get use to and that this was just the beginning and that it would be best if he could except that certain things in this world had no real answer – at least not one that would appease his curiosity. NO IT IS JUST BEST TO EXCEPT IT AND FIND ANOTHER BATHROOM IF YOU NEED TO, BECAUSE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO SAY HOW LONG THE OCUPATION WILL LAST.

No!!! it is best if you do not try to throw them out – this is a battle you will ultimately lose every time (in one way or another). He looked at me with disbelieve. He could not believe I would give in so readily. They are just little girls after all.  I assured him that in my younger days I fought this battle many different ways and never gained any ground.  Move forward I told him, there are other battles to be fought.  So he moved forward – for now – I could see he was not satisfied with this answer and would take on the struggle alone if need be.  One day he will understand….

Tomato bath

Great the house still reeks.

 I think it will dissipate in time -at least in the house – as for the garage who knows. We can not even close the garage door for any length of time because the stench builds up and permeates into the house. It almost seems that he was in the house. No it was not the kids – it was Alex’s dog Diamond. We kennel the dogs in the garage at night and Friday night Pattie was the one taking the dogs from the back through the house to their kennels. The main garage door was open and Diamond took the opportunity to take off and chase a skunk through the neighborhood. She must have cornered it because Pattie heard her yelp and when she finally got back to the house she stunk so bad I just about gagged when she got close to me.  The next step was the Internet. How to wash the skunk stench. Saturday Pattie and the kids tried the baking soda and peroxide mixture. Though a slight improvement she still stunk and we realized that the garage and even the house stunk of skunk. So carpet cleaned and baking soda for the carpet in the garage. And one more bath for Diamond today (Sunday). This time her bath was tomato past. We had heard from a few different people that this is the only thing that worked for their dogs.

Again she smelled better but she would need about a dozen of these tomato washings to get rid of the smell completely. The rest of it will have to just wear off.

Schools out for summer

The Last Day

The excitement has been growing for the last day of school, can’t wait, can’t think of anything else!!!! Now that day has arrived, do we have to go home?- DAD I am bored, what can we do?  Give us something to do.  Come on dad!!!



 I like the idea.

They both had a good last day.  Melinda’s class went swimming and Alex’s class went to an indoor amusement center of sorts. 

Alex’s class had a continuation ceremony – celebrating the end of elementary school and the beginning of middle school.  He was presented with a couple of awards and he seemed proud that he was continuing on to middle school.  He was acting goofy during the ceremony but I noticed all of his classmates were acting the same way.  We decided to let them have their fun for the night.

Melinda is excited about being out for the summer but she has made a lot of good friends as she is not nearly as shy as she once was. Her friends are just as dramatic as she is and they all seem to have fun exaggerating everything they can. I enjoyed seeing how much fun she had with the other kids.


While they are both excited about being out of school I am not sure that I am prepared to have them home wanting to be entertained – so I will be making up a list of chores for them.  A list they will no doubt ignore, but it will make me feel very fatherly to present it to them in honor of their summer vacation.