click to see the jump. I never get tired of watching.

 alex crash crash

Alex learns what goes up must come down

I find I treat Alex and Melinda differently when we ski. When Melinda falls I worry about her. When Alex falls I seem to enjoy making fun of him – Alex has a very good sense of humor about it and knows falling is part of skiing, and defiantly part of ski jumping. His last fall was spectacular, he went off a jump in the terrain park and he made sure to get speed to clear the flat under the jump – but he (perhaps) went farther than he was wanting to. I’m surprised he did not break his skis or worse yet his leg but he’s in good shape and I have been having fun showing everybody the video of his wipe-out

11th birthday on the 11th

Melinda’s 11th birthday

she turned 11 on 1-11 – 2011 a very special date indeed. So Melinda had a few of her friends over to watch a movie.   Before the big day Pattie wanted to get a another image of Melinda while she was still only 10 in her  wedding dress. We  photographed  Melinda when she was five in Pattie’s  wedding dress and we think we will try to photograph Melinda in Patties wedding dress again when Melinda is 15 it’s hard to believe that at10 she already  fit’s the dress.

Melinda in Moms wedding dress

Melinda looking too old for her age


So both Alex and Melinda did incredibly well swimming in the swim-a-thon.  Alex swam 10 laps farther than he did last year and Melinda swam 30 laps more than last year.  Alex swam 2 miles in 2 hours and Melinda swam a mile in the same 2 hours.

alex swimming

alex putting in the last few laps

Melinda swimming

Melinda finishing strong

Melinda’s swimming has improved a great deal this year and she has been placing first or second in almost all of her competitions. Melinda has been training with the older kids this season and her confidence has improved greatly. Alex is obviously doing well again and is placing first in almost all of his races. The only one he has had trouble with is the butterfly stroke but I’m sure he will get it figured out in time. Both Alex and Melinda will be competing in the varsity all city meet and I’m sure they will both do very well.

Melinda butterfly

getting it done

melinda freestyle

showing off her freestyle

Alex swimming

working on that butterflystrong and ready for the race

Alex flaexing his muscle

Strong and ready for the race

 It is hard to believe that summer is almost over and school is about to begin.

Work together?

Building a brick patch work in front of the house…

It is wonderful how kids will take on a chore with pride.  We inherited bricks.  What to do?  Well – we hated the small rocks at the front of the house where we attached the garden hose.  A great location for brick work.  Alex seems to be enjoying moving around the sand and carefully placing each brick into place.  My job is to get the bricks from around the corner.  Melinda’s job is to dig into the dirt and place the edging in the right places.  Granted we may not be pros but it is great to see the pride on all of our faces as we work together.  Yes – the kids are working together.

Hair cuts and Earrings

She did not even notice my hair cut

School had a fund raiser – of sorts – last week. One of the restaurants nearby gives the school a percentage of the proceeds during a particular night. So all the parents took the kids out for a night (including us), while their we ran into the family that we car pool with. As parents we find a certain amount of pleasure in teasing Melinda and one of the boys about how they argue like an old married couple. They of course adamantly deny it.  But about this time Alex commented about the other boys new hair cut.  He thanked Alex for noticing and added that Melinda did not notice. NO!! that’s not acting like an old married couple at all.


So this past weekend Melinda wanted to try having her ears pierced again. Last year it just did not work, as they became infected and she had to let the holes close up. Now it is one year later and she is trying it again. Having never had my ears pierced I am not sure why it is so important, but it is! If you look close you can see how pretty her little earrings are.

 melinda-earring mov


She went to school with her new earrings in, and at the end of the day she asked her friend (the boy that is not her boy friend) if he noticed her new earrings. His comment: yes I noticed but I was pretending not to notice because you (Melinda) did not notice my hair cut!

I thought the girls were suppose to be sensitive about this sort of thing. And are you sure your not an old married couple? At any rate Melinda is very happy to have earrings again and said she is sorry she didn’t notice his very important hair cut.