The Pumpkins

Our kids are so lucky…  They might not think so but really they are.  My niece (Amy) and nephew (Matt) took them all the way to the country (Rock Creek Farms).  We were working and couldn’t go.  We didn’t want to have them miss an opportunity when two willing adults wanted to take them on an adventure.  Lucky that their friends were able to go too!  Below are pictures taken by Matt and Amy of the days adventure.  Not only did they get to pick awfully big pumpkins – they also got to go through a corn maze.  I have not been through a corn maze:(  I don’t think I have even been to a 100 acre farm.  Lucky kids – wonder if they think so – hmmmmm.  Probably not – but maybe someday.  Thank you Amy and Matt for taking the kids.  Hope it doesn’t scare you too much from entertaining them in the future.


The bully is dad

It becomes frustrating as the kids try to do their homework while watching the television.  I know that is as much my fault as theirs because I will turn on the television for no real reason other than escape.  What ever is on I seem willing to put up with and watch or I will channel surf for an hour (good thing we don’t have cable).  At any rate Alex was allowed to mess around for awhile after coming home from school today and when it was finally time to do his school work the TV was on.  Melinda had been working on her school work for awhile and managed to get it completed.  Alex was not getting finished and was paying to much attention to the show (I should have turned it off).  He asked for help and I could have, should have calmly taken him to the other room and worked with him.  I chose to be frustrated about him watching the show and was quite mad for a few moments, mad that he was not getting the math that I thought he should know.   We worked through it and I think he understands it but I need to not be the bully at home.  He deals with that at school.

Alex brought home a report from his science class with great marks – he is coming along.

Melinda brought home a report about school behavioral and had great marks as well.  She was very proud of it.

It’s never enough!!!!

 The kids had off Thursday and Friday.  Pattie spent the morning of Thursday taking the kids to school meetings and to doctor appointments.  That afternoon they got to go with Grandma Judy and Grandpa Pat to lunch and to the movies.   Friday they choose to watch TV most of the day and we watched some with them in the evening.   Saturday morning Pattie took them with two friends to the park.  That afternoon their friends father took them swimming.  Yet this morning they gave mom crap about how we don’t do anything with them, that they have nothing to do.  And heaven forbid should we ask them to clean up after themselves. Melinda is the worst – you would think that she might actually die if she has to clean anything up.  Yes, it is true that right now we are working on the weekend but we do spend more time with them then most parents can.  We still end up fighting this guilt that we don’t do enough with them.   So we (as a family) rode foot scooter’s  to grandma Phyllis’s and grandpa Dan’s for lunch (dinner) and the kids choose to stay a little longer without us.   Why you may ask?   To watch cable cartoons.   Imagine that! Cartoons are more important than mom and dad.

The Dentist

Pattie took both kids to the DDS today.   Melinda has had a problem with de-calcification with a couple of her teeth for years.   Now one of those teeth has an infection and needs to be pulled.   It’s not a permanent tooth but it is a molar and should not come out for a couple more years.  The Dentist does not think it will be a problem.  He noticed that another of her tooths shows signs of de-calcification and needs to be crowned.  I hate that she has to have dental work done at her young age.   Alex has a couple of cavities but only one needs to be filled since the other teeth will be falling out soon enough.   The good news is that both kids like this new dentist better than the last one.

Play time!!!

Our children actually do get to play once in a while even though they don’t think so. Pattie told me that I should mention that tonight.   The kids are frequently telling us we don’t do anything with them so Pattie wanted this posted here – That way we could show them latter in life that they were not with out fun in their life’s.  It also helps cut down on parent guilt.  We do talk a lot about school work and about cleaning up the house and choirs so we need to take a minuet to talk about last Sunday.   We took the kids to the park and played a little basket ball.  None of us are any good but it was very fun. 


And yes Alex won.

On a side note, a couple of weeks ago I asked Melinda if she wanted to play a little soccer ball with me and she told me only if her friend Ashley couldn’t play.   I saw an opportunity to give her a rough time so I took it.  I said:  GEE Melinda I thought you told me that I don’t do enough with you and now you’re making me your back up, your last resort if you can’t find anything else to do.   It was kind of   fun to turn it around on her.  She looked back at me shook her head and rolled her eyes as she gave in and said: fine I want to play with you dad if it means that much to you.  She is kind of smart-alecky – she gets that from her mom!!!!!!   I laughed and told her she didn’t really have to play with me but she assured me that she wanted to.  And we had a good time kicking the ball back and fourth until dinner.