Another good weekend.

Saturday I had another great maternity session.

I had photographed her once before – a special present for her husband who was headed to Iraq. He is coming back to the states in August and will be a new daddy. It is always a privilege to create images of my clients as their family grows – hearing that her husband would be back soon and they would be back together makes it even more precious.

Meanwhile my children had another swim meet.

Melinda was excited because she had improved her dive and was no longer afraid of that part of the race.

She has to work on it a bit more and her times will improve by leaps, but more important she was having more fun at the meet. And she did come in second place very close to the first place girl. Alex on the other hand was a full pool length ahead of second place making it a bit difficult to convince him that he needs to work his form. The little sh%# – it would be interesting to see how fast he could swim if he had someone that could get him to improve his form and work at it just a little. We might try finding some one to work on them both in a current pool. A balancing act between getting them to work at it a bit with out burning them out. I truly want them to keep improving while still enjoying it. Balance, Balance, Balance, Balance.

Sunday, I had a great Fathers-day

as I spent the morning with the family enjoying the sun – too much – at Elitches.


 Yes Alex made sure that both Yota (Pattie) and myself got drenched under the water falls.  Why are their no pictures of me looking like a drowned rat?   It was fathers-day and I had the camera. 

 First sun burn in a long time, and it wiped both myself and Pattie out for the rest of the day. The kids still had too much energy in the afternoon, but that’s normal. This is the first time I have been in a wave pool. It was fun and a unique experience (for me). It was great to see how much Melinda took to it (not timid at all) and Alex swam out to the deepest spot with the highest waves – not surprising. 

Hey!  the camera does work under water.

We also made it on to a couple of rides but it was just a nice mellow day.

Startting Summer

A very eventful weekend (Last week) – Saturday was the first swim meet of the year. Alex won one of his races with ease (evidently). I had clients and was not able to watch most of the days events but was able to see the last couple of races.  That parent guilt – I know I can not possibly make it to everything but I try to make it to most of their events. Yota  (Pattie) and grandma Judy were both able to be their. Both Alex and Melinda ended the morning with a relay race. These last races went well and put Melinda in a better mood as she was upset about not doing as well as she thought she should in an earlier race. The ups and downs of competing.
Sunday morning we made it to Elitch’s (before the afternoon rain’s) and Melinda took her first ride on a roller coaster. She was not too sure about it and I had to encourage her strongly to give it a try. I told her that if I screamed she was not to tell anyone but I doubt that she knew if I screamed or not. Melinda spent most of the ride looking at the floor of the car but afterwards having lived through it she seemed happy to have made it through this mile stone. We will see if she will trust that she can live through it again because I plan on getting her on the ride again. We also tried a couple of water rides. Once I got home I realized that I had lost my keys (most likely in the water). Not the end of the world but it puts a damper on the lecture’s I give the kids about being responsible and not loosing their key’s.

I had to smile

There are times that the kids are truly remarkable.  Sometimes they are remarkably annoying.  The game boy thing is truly annoying – While at the ski area they decided to spend some time playing (and taking turns?) this silly game.  Why are we not skiing???

At any rate I knew it was just a matter of time before the “taking turns” with the game would turn ugly and it did.  The excuse for bringing the game was that it could entertain them on the drive up and back.    Though that worked ok the game has somehow found its way into the lodge. It obviously has legs of its own because no one knew how it got from the car into the lodge and all the way to our table.   The finger pointing became a game all its own. She did it, no you brought it in, I didn’t take it out of the bag.  Than why did you bring it in the first place?   Enough I say – I don’t care just stop playing it and go out in the freezing weather and ski and you better enjoy doing it.  Very fatherly of me don’t you think?  Through it all they Alex is still big brother – We went up the lift and I made my way through a large group of racers at the top of the mountain.  Alex was behind me but he yelled at me to stop because Melinda had not been able to get through the racers.   It was very nice that even though they had been fighting he was still looking out for her. Remarkably nice and responsible of Alex.   I had to just smile.  And yes they had fun skiing in the cold.

Another couple of days

Yesterday (Saturday) Pattie, the kids and myself made a trip up to Evergreen to see Grandma Judy.  It is a bit difficult for all of us to be up there with out grandpa but it was great to spend a little time with grandma.  I hope she didn’t mind us coming up as we all enjoy visiting and the kids love playing up their (actually so do I).   


We went up to ski today – Pattie was suppose to work but talked them into letting her go make some runs with the family instead.  Melinda and I talked a little bit about grandpa because he had planed on skiing with us today.  Melinda said she believed he was skiing with us but his leg no longer bothered him – a comforting thought.  The first couple of runs I made with Melinda were very cold so decided what Heaven would be.  Heaven, she told me would be skiing on nice cold powder when it was warm out.  I have never thought about it much but I believe she’s correct – that would be Heaven.  It never got too warm today but with no wind and no clouds we thought it would be a good day to go up to the ridge and take in the incredible view on the continual divide.  It was still cold up top so we enjoyed the view quickly and skied back down.  We ended the day early and made our way home before THE GAME.  We did not watch the game, but we were home in time to do so.     


Tomorrow Pattie starts the second week of her new job and I will get use to working at home alone.  Sound a bit like a movie.

Mr. good skier. “I am very disappointed in you!!!!!”

I had another day of ski instructing for – Pattie and Melinda put in a couple of runs in while I worked. Both Alex and Melinda would like it if they could find friends that could ski with them.  One more project for me.  Alex and Melinda will get to rid the bus up to winter park next week and have a change to ski with some older kids that will most likely be good skiers as well.  

Today I had some upper level kids and it was warmer than normal so we had a good time while working on improving their turns.  As usual I had one in the class that was not terribly interested in control or turning.  When you have a skier in class that likes to just hang un for dear life you must try to plan turns so that he wont run over the other students. It was a great day and the kids had fun.   One of the fathers watched us for a run and at the end of the day told me how impressed he was with how we teach.   I was glad to hear that because Friday I had a 6 year old that was not impressed.   This young lady went up the lift with one instructor but could not keep up with the class so was brought back down to a lower level class (Panayota’s class) and could not do what they were doing so I was given the assignment to help her get up to speed and to hopefully enjoy her day.  This young lady was not happy about being dropped down to a lower class and had no problem expressing this. After about an hour of trying (with little success) to get her to do a few turns for me she told me she just wanted to take a nap.  This is not a good sign but I thought it would be worth trying a little more to get her skiing.  Having decided that she was not happy with this situation at all she, a determined 6 year old, looked up at me with her arms folded and announced with all the authority of the queen of England: “I am very disappointed in you!!!!!”  for a moment she reminded me of one of my grade school teaches and I felt like the 6 year oldShould I laugh – no that would not help.  She has now dug in her heals and decided that she would no longer do anything. Nothing, no turns, no walking, no sliding, no skiing of any kind.    Taking her into the office, she let it be known throughout the land that she has had enough and was not going to do anything ever again.  Later in the day I checked on her to find out that she had indeed fallen asleep.    Take my advice and avoid the wrath of tired 6-year-old girl’s, for you will pay dearly.  Melinda now 9 is not much different when she is tired for that matter nether is Panayota.


Alex spent the night (last night) at his friends so he did not come up to ski today.   He had a sleep over – more of a stay up all night – at the school Friday night.  All the kids stayed up all night playing dodge ball, hid and seek, computer games, and watching movies.  He was dead tired all day Saturday and had not caught up on his sleep Sunday but some how I gave in and let him have another sleepover. It will most likely take all week for him to get back to a normal sleep pattern.