Teeth and Wheel Chairs.

Pattie had her first root canal today. Three hrs in the chair and she has to go back. I can’t wait for my turn. I have some bad teeth as a result of poor care in my teens (my braces). It does catch up and I try to tell the kids that they don’t want to go through this so they need to take care of their teeth. We can only keep after them so much and eventually we have to trust and hope that they are brushing their teeth and flossing – yea right. I will have them come in and watch as I have my teeth worked on. Scared straight, MAYBE.
Alex had baseball practice tonight and he seemed to enjoy it. One of the boys caught a line drive in his family jewels and hit the ground. Time to get Alex his first cup. He might want kids one day.
Alex and Melinda spent most of the day hanging out with grandpa Dan. Grandma had some errands to run and is paranoid about leaving him alone ever sense he broke his leg. Last Friday Pattie and I went up north to get him an electric chair so he could get around better. I am glad I had Pattie go with. We were told that we would have a lift to get the chair into the back of the truck and it just didn’t happen. So Pattie (tougher than she looks) helped me lift it into the truck and back out. Now he can get up and down the ramp that is steeper than it should be and he gets around on the carpet better.

I will have to write about this Past weekend tomorrow because I am falling asleep and do not know what I am writing.

Paying my dues

Yep – today Randy paid his dues for missing his first day of work at the ski area.  Okay, when they said they were opening for the weekend we (Panayota, Tanya & Randy) all thought that meant Saturday not Friday.  All three of us and we heard a few more forgot to go to work.  So Randy and I had to choose another peak day to make up for it:)(  Randy was given a bunch of 4 to 5 year old beginner skiers today.  Although they are delightful – it was a lot of work especially without a magic carpet.  Randy’s feet are killing him but I did rub them out so not soooo bad.

Sidebar:  I and the kids did ski a couple of runs but decided that was good enough cause the snow was not that good and with only a few runs (now that we are so picky) and a bunch of people we called it done early.

Health watch???

This morning we made a trip to my surgeon (like I own him). My pain in the butt was not cured by the antibiotics indicating that I must have a fistula – doesn’t that sound just nasty. I will have to put up with some tests and some kind of imaging to find out how extensive the problem and how extensive the operation will ultimately be. And we will have to wait until we have decent insurance that will help cover the expense (joy). But it sounds like it should be OK to wait a while to have the operation. The good news is that my surgeon is open to the new procedure that I found on the INTERNET. He said to fax him the information that I found and he would find out the details that he needs to know. It is great to have a surgeon that is willing to look into the latest procedures. To see what is best for me. And I have been given the go ahead to start working out a bit again while waiting for the operation.

We also stopped in and took a few images of a small fund raiser A young man that had been diagnosed with cancer a year back had been given a wish from “Make A Wish”. He is so unselfish – his wish is to find a cure (not a new concept but a continuation of a good friend who did die from the same cancer as his). Basically, this young man (Jason) gave his wish back to a non-profit that is desperately trying to find a cure. How humbling. What troubles do we have? None. The fistula is but a small fish in a large pond of health issues. “Thank you God for the health of my family and friends.”

Ski Season has started healthy or not.

So Pattie has caught my cold or what ever I have been dealing with for the last couple of days. The good news is  – it seems to only last one week, so Pattie will be over it soon enough.  In the meantime she (like myself) is feeling like a snot nose kid as our noses just keep running.  On the up side I look at it, as we got our cold out of the way before ski season gets going full tilt as we will be skiing this weekend.  Pattie (with her cold) worked out today after bike riding yesterday so her legs are sore. I am feeling a bit jealous as I do not feel I can work out with that damn abscess that has still not healed and I have finished my $200.00 worth of antibiotics. That was a mouth full. I have actually gained weight because I haven’t been working out. I have an appointment to see my surgeon next week though I do not know what good it will do. Until we have better insurance I do not think I can afford to have his team do the surgery. I am (trying to be) hopeful that he will have some kind of good news for me (like maybe another round of antibiotics might do the trick) In the mean time I am still planning on ski instructing part time this year with Pattie regardless of this pain in the butt. No sense in just lying around waiting for something bad to happen.  Hopefully I won’t need the operation at least until the summer or better yet at all.  I am planing on losing the extra weight that I have gained these last couple of months.

Bad teeth & family night

Randy had to spend over an hour at the dentist office today. Melinda had to have another crown put on today- she was very brave and laid still the whole time. She had to wait for her tooth to stop bleeding before they could put the crown on. She seems like she is doing well. Of course, we had to give her pain medication before she tried to go to sleep per the dentist.

We all played the game of “Boggle” . This is a game where you try to put letters together to make up as many words as you can within a given amount of time (a little hour glass timer). Though Melinda is generally better at spelling than Alex – Alex does a better job at this game because he isn’t worried about making mistakes. He just tries as many letter combinations in hopes that they might be a word and sometimes they are but he just likes playing the game. Panayota is much better at spelling but can’t always see the big picture so it is a good chance that Randy wins more often than not. No worries for everyone but Melinda. This game seems to stress her out. Got to figure how to lighten her up a bit and learn to just have fun – we’re her family and we don’t care who wins just so that we are having fun.