Still Awake!!!

We get the kids to bed a little bit late on Sunday nights.   They had to shower and Alex of course had some school work to do – last minute.  Trying to explain to him to get it done on Friday night instead of waiting for Sunday night is not working but I will keep trying to teach him to have better habits than myself.  He read to Pattie earlier in the day.   Melinda had to read to Pattie just before bed.  Melinda was up practicing her math when I went in to check on her.  I had to send her to bed and tell her to practice tomorrow.  I do not tell Alex to be like his sister – yes, I know that would be a terrible thing to do.  I do wish I could instill some of Melinda’s school work habits into Alex though we need to instill in her the importance of a clean room. (Go figure that Alex is willing to let go of things for a clean room and Melinda is more willing to do homework as quickly as possible:))

Military Robots

The book Alex brought home from school to read.  I think it is best if he reads books he is interested in but I do try to steer him away from too many army books.  Tonight he read OK and I believe he is becoming more confident.    Melinda read “A New coat for Anna” and I only corrected her a few times.   She reads more fluently than Alex but she gets stuck on words and can’t sound them out sometime’s.  She is coming along well though and is getting good marks on her in class assignments.

Lock Down!!!!!

Okay – I was joking about the practice lock down the kids had last week and today they had a real lock down.  Evidently some one robbed some place that was close to the school so the police locked down the schools in the neighborhood.   I still do not know why they needed a practice lock down but it was interesting that they had one today.  The kids didn’t seem to care much.  We did not get in our reading tonight but I believe they both got their school work completed.   Of course that is always to the best of our knowledge.  One good thing about the new school is that they post homework assignments on line including the weeks spelling lists (yea….).

Great reading

Tonight Alex did exceptionally well reading.  I only needed to give him a little help to keep him going.   His fluency was great and it wasn’t painful for me to listen to him –  sometimes it is due to him struggling so much.  But not tonight – it gave both Alex and myself “renewed hope” and drive to keep at it.  I will say that I made him sit at the counter and use a small ruler to point at the line he was reading – that seems to help a lot.   Now to work on Melinda’s reading a little bit.  I don’t want to ignore her but she will read with out me getting after her.  So I do not have to spend as much time or energy to read with her. 

The EVIL CSAP ????

Attitude determines altitude and when it comes to your child’s teacher their attitude frequently determines the children’s altitude.  Today Pattie had a discussion with Alex’s special Ed teacher and she sounds like she has the attitude that will move Alex up.   First off she was discussing how she utilized CSAP scores to determine how a new teaching method was better than her old method.  She did not say if she liked CSAP or not – just that she is utilizing it to help steer her teaching methods for the benefit of her students.  What a novel idea, actually using CSAP results (like CSAP or not) to help the students instead of just complaining about it.   

This teacher also believes that she only needs to take Alex out of class twice a week to help him with his reading and she is not pushing to take him out of class more than that.  “If you put a child in an environment to succeed they will.” (quote from the same special ed teacher)  Another novel idea….   I have hope for Alex this year.  Last year was the first year he was starting to dislike school and for now he has told me that he likes school again. 

We only got in 20 minutes of reading tonight but I had him sit at the counter instead of sitting on the couch.  This seems to help him a little bit with his ability to not loose his place.