Do not take time off

We did not get in any reading over the long weekend and It shows when Alex reads to me.   If he reads every day he makes slow progress – if he misses a few days he falls back noticeably.   I read another article about a child that died due to long term use of Ritalin.  I am glad we fought the old school on that issue.  It seems the schools want to hand it out like candy.   As for Alex we will strive to read every single night no matter what else is going on.

Yellow hunting glasses – help him read??

So I bought Alex a pair of yellow hunting glasses to see if it would help his reading.  The thought is that the yellow tint might help him separate the letters and prevent his combining letters of one word with another, something he seems to do a lot of.  As for the reality of this, it is difficult to tell as Alex will have difficulty reading for two or three paragraphs and than read one paragraph almost perfectly.  This makes it difficult for me to make a objective conclusion.

The bully is dad

It becomes frustrating as the kids try to do their homework while watching the television.  I know that is as much my fault as theirs because I will turn on the television for no real reason other than escape.  What ever is on I seem willing to put up with and watch or I will channel surf for an hour (good thing we don’t have cable).  At any rate Alex was allowed to mess around for awhile after coming home from school today and when it was finally time to do his school work the TV was on.  Melinda had been working on her school work for awhile and managed to get it completed.  Alex was not getting finished and was paying to much attention to the show (I should have turned it off).  He asked for help and I could have, should have calmly taken him to the other room and worked with him.  I chose to be frustrated about him watching the show and was quite mad for a few moments, mad that he was not getting the math that I thought he should know.   We worked through it and I think he understands it but I need to not be the bully at home.  He deals with that at school.

Alex brought home a report from his science class with great marks – he is coming along.

Melinda brought home a report about school behavioral and had great marks as well.  She was very proud of it.

“Gentle Ben”

Alex read to me last night (“Gentle Ben”).  He had a little difficulty do in part to the fact that the book was written using slang and shortened words more like people actually speak.  But this causes some confusion for Alex who is working so hard on learning the proper way to pronounce words with out mumbling.  We also have not read in a couple of day’s which has a negative affect on his reading.  He truly can not miss a day or he falls backward but if he reads everyday I can see the improvement.  So I must make sure to read every single day without fail. 


Melinda read to Pattie and than read a bit more after going to bed.  It is hard to get after her for not sleeping when she is reading or practicing her school work.  I always ask her if she could do that during the day when she is complaining about being board.  Her response is most often roiling her eyes and saying yea right dad.

Another day off at school???

The kids had off today because of some kind of testing – again.  Why do they need to take a day off of school so they can take a test at school?  At any rate Pattie took the kids to school first thing in the morning to take their test then had to pick them up an hour later.  Grandpa Pat took them to lunch while we photographed a grand opening for a doctor office.  In the afternoon the kids went with Mr. Brian swimming with his kids. 


 In-between all of this Alex did some homework.  We have not been reading as much the last couple of days because he has been working on other school work.   Trying to keep him working and not get mad at him and keep him interested at least a little bit.  Trying to teach him to just do it as soon as he gets home (when I never did at his age) is exceedingly difficult.  I know he just sees no end to it so he tries to avoid it.  


 Melinda seems to like to work on her school work – at least a little bit.  After reading to Pattie she had me read to her while she took her shower.  She gets very excited to have me read to her. She likes to use her small white board to practice her school work or to just write notes.