Great to be alive

Friday was a great day.  The sun was out, the temperature was perfect (not too cold or too hot), no wind, the snow was great and Panayota skied her first double black diamond in the morning and though it scared her a bit she was able to make some nice turns at the bottom.  I was not able to get her to jump off of the rock out-cropping that some of the more aggressive skiers were doing – she decided she didn’t need that much adrenaline. Actually I chose not to go off the jump, as my IQ must have been slightly higher than my testosterone level at that moment.   In the afternoon Panayota taught a private lesson to a little boy that could rip up the hill so she had fun teaching him.  I got to make a few solo runs in the afternoon and that is rare. I don’t like to ski alone all the time but some times it is nice to ski at my own pace and pick the runs I want.  We were even able to get home early and get a little bit of real work done.  All and all a great day to be alive!!

Motivational speaker or preacher

 Joel Osteen has been criticized for being more of a motivational speaker than a preacher. I don’t see why those two things need be mutually exclusive.   So he finds passages in the bible that deal with looking for the good in life and to keep faith to have a good life. Today he preached about just that.  We are to keep in faith not fear and we will live a better life for it.  We get what are faith expects and – if we concentrate on what we fear that is what we will get. If we concentrate on faith that life will work out, we will find our fears look bigger than they are.  Keeping the faith we will see that what we fear will become smaller and smaller and we will be able to overcome to enjoy a good life.  This is the thought and belief that I choose to keep so that my life and my family life will continue to get better and better.

Early xmass

We received early family Christmas gifts – a couple of converters for the TVs.  The change over to the digitize broadcasting is soon so Grandpa Pat and Grandma Judy got us the converters so we could be ready for the earth shattering change.  Of course I hooked it up and cannot get it working – tomorrow, as a last resort, I will read the manual and see if I can get it working.    They also helped fund my new skis that I HAD TO GET because my old skis didn’t pass the din check.    This is a bit frustrating as we took the part time jobs up there so we would not have to spend money on skiing.  Well – the old skis are over ten years old so it will be nice to see what it is like to be on new ones.  These are twin tips, so I can ski backwards and do tricks and ride the half pipe and such, Like that’s going to happen!!!!?    But they do look cool. 

Thanks for the early gifts.

Grateful for my friends

Yesterday we got a very nice surprise from a wonderful friend – Bill (master photographer/Realtor).  We tried our best to help him with trying to create a website for him.  We directed him to a wonderful program called CoffeeCup.  He looked at some of our work and we looked at some of his.  He stayed for about an hour.  We then had another appointment swing by.  Just as that appointment was leaving Bill showed up with an edible bouquet.  We all enjoyed it including our kids, the carpool kids, late afternoon clients and a couple of neighbors.  It was truly a gift that keeps on giving since we still have a few skewers left in the fridge today.  Thank you Bill for the bouquet.

Alexander’s room cleaned out

I was planning on a quiet lazy Sunday but Pattie and Alex started arguing about his room.  I decided and announced loudly that it was time to clean out every thing.  I may have over reacted but I like the results and Alex even likes his newly cleaned out room.  We took every thing out of his room – everything.  The look on Alex’s face was at first like a deer in head lights. This has happened before but it has been awhile.  We dusted his shelves and vacuumed his room. Then it was time for us to decide what he could put back in his room and what would go to Good Will.  At first he was not to happy about it but he soon got into it and gave away at least half of what was in his room.  We even emptied his closet and found many clothes that no longer fit and many clothes that we didn’t even know we had.    After all the fuss he actually thanked his mother for his freshly cleaned room.   We are going to find time to do Melinda’s room next week though she already gave up alot of her toys she never played with.  Some of the toys she picked out – I had a problem letting go of  but I kept quiet and put them in the bag.  It is so much easier for them to find the toys they actual like and to clean their rooms now that so much of the clutter is gone.   I am a firm believer that to much stuff keeps us from enjoying the things we like.  Cleaning out the kids room and our own every once in awhile is a good lesson for them and great for my well being. 

some of the bags we need to take to Good Will.

I am very thankful that we have so much that we can give.