Parent Deception!!!

Pattie put an ice cream sandwich in front of me today and for a moment I thought: how nice.   Soon I realized she was using me to hide the ice cream she was going to eat from our children that had just walked in the room. In one moment she was able to tease me and deceive the kids.   What’s the world becoming?  How could she sneak junk food with out sharing it with me?     What else is she hiding from me?   Candy? Cookies?    So I waited and when know one was looking I found the last ice cream sandwich and ate it.  When the kids ask what happened to the ice cream I will tell them the truth – it was Mom!!!!!!

Almost missed !!

We almost missed moms B-day.   I think she is about 225 years old or something like that.   She was in the hospital earlier in the week and Dan is in the hospital now with a very high fever.   Kind of a rough week for the both of them.  They even had to take the truck in to the shop.  Next week will be better for them.   

More zip line

We made a trip up to Grandpa Pat and Grandma Judy’s today (sort of a delayed 4th).  Russ brought up his boys and they all had fun on the zip line that is now just a little higher. Grandpa made a new ladder to help get up to it. 

Reed and Riley on the Zip line


This forest has eyes. 


The secret party.


Robert had a secret b-day party for my cousin  Sally.  Though they deny that it was secret my mother (Sally’s aunt) didn’t know about it. And we all know that mom know’s everything.  I think I found out by accident. 

  I had to tell my mom being the loyal son and all.  So boy is Sally in trouble now.

Sally claimed she knew nothing about it.   Here she  tells my children not to speak of this party.  


Of course, Rob didn’t make much of a cake and had no ice-cream.  He probably thought it would be easier to keep it a secret with out ice cream.   He also said we would have no candles on the cake because it would burn down the house. Boy is he in trouble  (even if it is true).