We tortured Melinda

So we tortured Melinda yesterday and made her spend a few minutes in Sunday school at the church we have been going to for the last month. They have a few classes, split up into different age groups. The kids can have their class while the adults are attending service. Melinda had been going to service with us instead of going to class. Yesterday we introduced her to the Lady that ran the class for her age group and Melinda was escorted to class – we pulled her out just a few minutes later. It was too long for her. Melinda gave us the silent treatment for the rest of the morning.

The prayers didn’t work!!

I have been almost avoiding writing in here.  Last week we were watching Joel Osteen and he was talking about living a blessed life and how we need to pray for a better life.  At one point he said to pray for your loved ones that are sick and they will get better.  Melinda very quickly said: “That is not true!! We prayed for grandpa to get better and he didn’t.”   She did not say this with any real anger but with more of a “matter of fact” attitude. I tried to tell her that we were blessed to have had him in our lives but she was not going to let go of the fact that she prayed for him to get better and he didn’t.  So I spent a little time trying to explain to her (and myself) that it is still better to keep in our hearts the wonderful times we had with grandpa and the great memories he gave us to keep forever.   Today is his birthday and Melinda wants to do something to honor grandpa and thought I am not exactly sure what we will do, we will find a way to offer thanks for those treasured (all too sort) moments spent with grandpa. 

We are slowly finding our way back to the business of day-to-day life, but maybe with a little more appreciation for the loved ones in our lives.  We try a little harder to get in that hug goodbye in the morning before everyone is off for the day.  We also remember to call other loved ones a little more frequently.  


Keep learning to keep growing

I was feeling a bit under the weather today so we did not make it skiing.  We slept in and we were able to watch Joel’s sermon. Joel’s message of the day is to keep growing. Learning should not be a time of our lives but part of our lives every day for ever.   In our young years it is expected.  As babies we are expected to learn to talk, walk, and hold on to things as we grow.  Then, we are in school and we are expected and increased to keep learning a number of different things. For some reason, after our school years learning frequently becomes less important and we must motivate ourselves if we want to learn anything new.  Instead of looking for problems look for solutions.   Don’t settle for ok but keep growing and improving through learning every day.  Make a plan of growth, spend one hour a day learning a specific new skill or improving on old skill.  Spend time with people that can help that plan of growth.


Side note:  Being popular means other people like me.  Happiness means I like myself.

Motivational speaker or preacher

 Joel Osteen has been criticized for being more of a motivational speaker than a preacher. I don’t see why those two things need be mutually exclusive.   So he finds passages in the bible that deal with looking for the good in life and to keep faith to have a good life. Today he preached about just that.  We are to keep in faith not fear and we will live a better life for it.  We get what are faith expects and – if we concentrate on what we fear that is what we will get. If we concentrate on faith that life will work out, we will find our fears look bigger than they are.  Keeping the faith we will see that what we fear will become smaller and smaller and we will be able to overcome to enjoy a good life.  This is the thought and belief that I choose to keep so that my life and my family life will continue to get better and better.

Bounce back

This is all paraphrased and in a way that helps keep me headed the right direction.  (From Sunday)

In the storm we need to be like the palm tree that bends over in the wind but after the storm it comes back up and stronger. Every one will have disappointments but we can choose to bounce back and be stronger for having gone through it.

Don’t look at problems as stumbling blocks but look at them as stepping stones

Do not wait for everything to be perfect to start planning for victory.

Yes the way I put it, it is more of a motivational speech than a sermon but as I have said before I don’t no why sermons can’t be upbeat and motivational.