Works hard at school

Melinda earned 100% on her last school assignment.

 It was About the Knossos in Greece. It had three parts she had to make a display, she had to right a paper about it and she had to do a verbal presentation about it. And she earned 100% on all three sections. She worked very hard on it and it paid off. Even my mother made some comment about how lucky it was that school was easy for Melinda. I am truly fed up with this attitude that she is lucky and was born reading. She works her tail off and when she gets a bad grade on a test she doesn’t try to hide and pretend like it didn’t happen – she asks her mother or me to help her understand what she did wrong.

Erectile dysfunction?

Sex sells?

So Alex pretends not to notice the stupid commercials about erectile dysfunction Melinda on the other hand looks at me and say’s that’s auk- word. I have been trying to cut down on the junk we watch on TV but even when trying to watch shows that are less sexual the adds still are. More and more frequently the adds are about sexual products of some kind or about other shows that are of a sexual nature. Even the news pushes stories about sex offenders.

Though we have talked about how these people on tv are behaving in a manner that is not healthy but when they see it over and over again how does it affect the.  I believe that this is just a sign that our family will be watching less and less television.   So I believe in our case the constant and increasing sexuality on the television is proving not to sell.


Curriculum Night

Pattie truly likes Melinda’s new teacher.

 This teach actually has a plan for the year – one we are aloud to see. She even has contingency plans for kids that are a little faster or maybe having trouble keeping up. She even has the kids read – not to themselves – but out loud to help them with any words they might be having problems with. A teacher that is interacting with the kids. She even posts spelling words the web site weekly. She has a set time of day that she answers her emails – before and after class, not during class. She doesn’t want to be distracted from her students. I like her and I haven’t even met her yet. This teacher has a daily agenda that comes home every evening. Her discipline policy as well as the curriculum for the year is written out so we know and Melinda knows what to expect. What a concept?

first mornning of school

talking to mom about school


Alex’s first couple of day’s of online school did not go as well as I had hoped. But I think we are both on track now.

computer dead in the water.

Alex was able to get on the internet

 to continue his second day of online schooling.  I on the other hand went to turn on my computer in order to prep my clients presentation and nothing – not a beep not a peep. The computer would not come on and the clients would be here in a couple of hours. I Had just enough time to go out buy and put in a new power supply. Once the computer was up I was able to prepare my clients images for viewing and they loved them. I, however have not been able to check on Alex’s school work -so that will be tomorrows job

First day of online school

Alex did his assignments

 but somehow we messed up on his live class. I tried to help but the class said it was over before we could get in. I know we were there at the correct time. Oh well, it was our first attempt – our next will be better. It looks like I will be working on the learning curve for a little while. School is never out no matter our age.

Melinda has a new green-whit board for her locker. That’s right a white board but its green. I don’t know what kind of notes she will write in her locker but she is happy to have it.