More fun with rental property

Tenants say heat to high in our rental property?

Today I get a call from the front tenant to complain to me about her heat bill.  Someone came out, she said and told her that it was the old windows.   I told her again that she should put up some felt cloth in the windows.  She doesn’t know what that is.   At any rate I took over some shrink plastic for her to put in front of the windows to see if that will Help.  Ultimately they keep the house heat way to high but somehow that’s my fault. 


More fun with the rental property  

But than she told me that the back unit moved out – I go over and sure enough they are gone and the house is a disaster.   It will take some time to fix the bathroom and the kitchen  I hope we can rent it during the winter.   I know what I will be doing for the next couple of weeks.  – Fixing the rental property.   so much fun.  

the kitchen sink
how they left the kitchen

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Possible Cover Images

My short e-book needs a cover that will attract some attention. 

Rental Property with flames Landlord Hell

My Hell 1

You can guise what the title will be.

flames in front of Rental Property

my Hell 2 Rental Property

My tenants torture me like demons from the underworld.

flaming text Landlord Hell
Landlord Hell 3

Do you have a favorite?

red flaming text 3d

Landlord Hell 4