going to jail for talking??

Melinda’s class caused some trouble in art class by being noisy and disrespectful.  She told me she was talking but thought that she was being quit enough.  She felt guilty and wrote  a letter of apology to the teacher.   Her teacher told her it was OK.  She had not been that loud.


But yesterday Melinda and most of the rest of the class had to go to the principle’s  office  and he told her she could go to jail for this.  I do realize that my lovely daughter is not perfect but telling her she could go to jail for talking in class is a bit over the top.    What a jerk!!!!!    So she had to write another letter and she has to do community service.   Do not know if she was truly doing something that bad but I will be asking her teacher.

Pattie’s B-day

Panayota and I went up to Black Hawk to do a little bit of gambling .  $30.00’s down  in one hour and it was time to go home.   It was still fun.   The casinos are always  interesting but we are not the type to enjoy losing our money  so we never stay long. Alex ask how much we win and I tell him the reason the casinos are so fancy is because people go there and lose  to them, so they have a lot of money. 

Melinda  made a great card for her mother

Possible Cover Images

My short e-book needs a cover that will attract some attention. 

Rental Property with flames Landlord Hell

My Hell 1

You can guise what the title will be.

flames in front of Rental Property

my Hell 2 Rental Property

My tenants torture me like demons from the underworld.

flaming text Landlord Hell
Landlord Hell 3

Do you have a favorite?

red flaming text 3d

Landlord Hell 4

Ski day

Today on the slopes Melinda had picked up her pace and had decided it was a good day to ski moguls. She also did a good job of making it down one of the expert runs with little difficulty. Though Pattie struggled a little, she made it down a couple of expert runs. Alex who always has a good time going down the expert runs completed a number of moguls runs. It is always fun to watch Alex ski, but today Alex felt the need to entertain us even more. Alex in his desire to show off his jumping skills caught a tip and did a couple cartwheels and tested his helmet by bouncing off his head a couple of times. The helm that most of worked OK because Alex did not seem much more dizzy than normal. It was without a doubt his best wiped out since he broke his ski four years ago. The whole family thanked him for the entertainment. I of course was a bit disappointed that Alex would not do a repeat performance so that I can capture it on film. He told me that I just need to videotape him all the time and eventually I will catch him falling again. He was a good sport and has been having fun telling everyone about his wiped out. What a great day away from school!!

New experience for Pattie

A trip to DC

for work is a great opportunity for Panayota for many reasons. The more classes she can get in the better for her job and potential for advancement. But it will be fun for her to see our nations capital for the first time. And who can deny the fun of getting through the airport security, trying to make sure she had the appropriate size carry-on and shoes that come off easily.

Panayota at DIA

Preparing for air travel


Security Line

At least it is moving


She also gets to take the Metro (a train) from the Motel to the conference center. Should be an exciting week for her. And yes she took a camera.