Works hard at school

Melinda earned 100% on her last school assignment.

 It was About the Knossos in Greece. It had three parts she had to make a display, she had to right a paper about it and she had to do a verbal presentation about it. And she earned 100% on all three sections. She worked very hard on it and it paid off. Even my mother made some comment about how lucky it was that school was easy for Melinda. I am truly fed up with this attitude that she is lucky and was born reading. She works her tail off and when she gets a bad grade on a test she doesn’t try to hide and pretend like it didn’t happen – she asks her mother or me to help her understand what she did wrong.

Erectile dysfunction?

Sex sells?

So Alex pretends not to notice the stupid commercials about erectile dysfunction Melinda on the other hand looks at me and say’s that’s auk- word. I have been trying to cut down on the junk we watch on TV but even when trying to watch shows that are less sexual the adds still are. More and more frequently the adds are about sexual products of some kind or about other shows that are of a sexual nature. Even the news pushes stories about sex offenders.

Though we have talked about how these people on tv are behaving in a manner that is not healthy but when they see it over and over again how does it affect the.  I believe that this is just a sign that our family will be watching less and less television.   So I believe in our case the constant and increasing sexuality on the television is proving not to sell.


People have excuses

Pattie went by the pharmacy to pick up her lancets today.

The person behind the counter told her that Easter candy was on sale. Pattie told her the candy she had was for me. The person then told Pattie that she had just stopped smoking so she would be gaining weight because she had bought and ate a bunch of Easter candy. Pattie told her that she was not going to be eating candy because she did not want to be on insulin. The woman behind the counter said that Pattie had a better reason to not eat junk food. Such revelations make me wonder why we say what we say? It just frustrates Pattie.


More fun with rental property

Tenants say heat to high in our rental property?

Today I get a call from the front tenant to complain to me about her heat bill.  Someone came out, she said and told her that it was the old windows.   I told her again that she should put up some felt cloth in the windows.  She doesn’t know what that is.   At any rate I took over some shrink plastic for her to put in front of the windows to see if that will Help.  Ultimately they keep the house heat way to high but somehow that’s my fault. 


More fun with the rental property  

But than she told me that the back unit moved out – I go over and sure enough they are gone and the house is a disaster.   It will take some time to fix the bathroom and the kitchen  I hope we can rent it during the winter.   I know what I will be doing for the next couple of weeks.  – Fixing the rental property.   so much fun.  

the kitchen sink
how they left the kitchen

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going to jail for talking??

Melinda’s class caused some trouble in art class by being noisy and disrespectful.  She told me she was talking but thought that she was being quit enough.  She felt guilty and wrote  a letter of apology to the teacher.   Her teacher told her it was OK.  She had not been that loud.


But yesterday Melinda and most of the rest of the class had to go to the principle’s  office  and he told her she could go to jail for this.  I do realize that my lovely daughter is not perfect but telling her she could go to jail for talking in class is a bit over the top.    What a jerk!!!!!    So she had to write another letter and she has to do community service.   Do not know if she was truly doing something that bad but I will be asking her teacher.